How does a gal from Michigan and a guy from Ohio keep their college football allegiances on a Saturday afternoon and still manage to have a romantic evening that night?  Simple: the passion they have for their teams and each other translates into all the people and causes that are important in every aspect of their lives.

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    Troy and Laurie! Thank you so much for agreeing to serve My Friend's House in this very special way! Looking forward to supporting your campaign anyway I can!

About The Morrisons

The time and day for their first date was set. Laurie called and asked if she could back the starting time since her beloved Michigan State Spartans were playing for a Sweet 16 spot.  Troy pushed the dinner reservations back and realized right then and there:  she was an MSU girl with every fiber of her being.  MSU won which put her in a good mood! Little did she know that she was on her way to meet her future husband.  When they met, the conversation came naturally and the common interests they shared were shocking.  As they went their separate ways that night, Troy sensed a spark between the two of them and he did something he had never done on a first date.  On his way home, he called Laurie to express that feeling. She confirmed that something was stirred inside of her that night.  From that date spawned a whirlwind relationship and almost to the day, a year later they were married.  Thus, this is how the legend of the new mascot the “Sparteye” was created.

Troy came from a very small town in Southeast Ohio and grew up playing a wide variety of sports through high school.  Track is where he seemed to shine. For four years, he was the “Forrest Gump” of the county running everywhere.  He had been offered multiple college scholarships for track and cross country, but, decided that the working world was how he was built.  Starting in 1981, he went to work for a road construction company and has been associated with asphalt plants in some form or fashion since then.  He has traveled internationally erecting asphalt plants and been fortunate enough to see the lion’s share of the world while getting paid for the experience.  In 2003, he was offered a position with Rogers Group Inc. In 2012, he relocated to the corporate headquarters in Nashville.

Over the years, Troy has joined multiple mission trips, both medical and construction in Central and South America.  While living in Indianapolis for a 25-year stretch, he led weekend retreats for various ages of men who had been through sexual abuse.  Since arriving in Nashville, he has been associated with the STEM program in the Middle Tennessee region.  He and Laurie are also close to the Women Who Rock Nashville, an organization headed by Tanya Davis that recognizes black and minority women for achievements in the Nashville area.

Laurie is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Communication Arts & Sciences. She is an Executive Assistant with Guaranty Home Mortgage in Nashville. Laurie grew up in Michigan but spent 27 years living in Orange County, California. Wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, Laurie donated her time to support the Second Harvest Food Bank organization and the American Red Cross through Plasma donations. She moved to Tennessee after being encouraged by her sister living in Arrington, TN. When she is not working, Laurie enjoys spending time with her husband, going to the gym, wine tasting and training her new puppy, Sadie Mae.

We know that these times we live in are unique to say the least and have put a financial burden on many of us, family, friends and colleagues. 

Laurie and Troy are asking that you prayerfully consider supporting My Friends House, with a one-time contribution for young boys that need this organization during a very troubling time in their lives.  Once you make that leap, then a small monthly donation to show your commitment and keep this valuable shelter for young men in need funded for years to come. 

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